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Wild Games

Wild games are generally defined as games that feature elements of wildlife in their designs. Wild games are usually set in jungles, forests and other places where animals are found. Wild games are designed and marketed for children,; the use of animal characters and themes is part of the package to make wild games attractive to kids.

A common theme in wild games is to have the players act as defenders of the animal kingdom by warding off human or alien invaders. Wild games usually use flash animations and require Shockwave plug-ins to be installed before you can play them. Wild games generally feature colourful graphics and have simple rules, so they will be easily understood by children.

Types of wild games

As mentioned, wild games are those that use jungle and wildlife themes. These can include card games, puzzle games and tons more. Because many wild games are designed for kids, some websites that host online wild games also include educational games such as animal quizzes. Some may even host word search puzzle games and crossword puzzle games, which require players to answer various questions regarding animals and their habitats.

Wild games as instructional tools

Wild games are often used by teachers and parents to provide kids with a fun alternative to learning about the animal kingdom. A lot of wild games have an educational slant to them, so that kids who play them can learn while having fun. The use of wild games as educational tools is not a recent development, however. Tons of schools and educators all over the world have been using wild games and other types of video games to teach children different subjects such as English, Math and Science.

In countries like Japan and Korea, using wild games to learn about the English language is widely popular. Instead of enrolling in schools and tutorial centers, some foreigners are turning to video games to learn how to speak and write English. Such video games have become so popular that they're even made for different gaming platforms and consoles such as the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PS3.

Instructors should note, however, that wild games and other types of video games can only do so much in teaching students about different subjects. It's not recommended for these games to be used as the main instructional tools; they may only serve as complementary teaching tools.

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